First issue!

Hooray for the first issue of Trouble in dreamland, staring yours, ours, and probably nintendo's, Miyamoto's, erm..Yeh, YOURS TRULY, KIRBY!!
Kirby:Hey Camds, hows things going here.
ME: its going good kirbster, Do you know why I have started this new comic.
Kirby: No, I have no idea what so ever?
ME: Its to celebrate the new Kirby superstar ultra for the Nintendo DS, I got it a few days ago, and let me tell you it is brilliant, go to your supermarket and buy it.
Kirby: I couldnt agree more, nice job camds.
ME: thanks kirbster, THAT WAS KIRBY PEOPLE, KIRBY!
So you better enjoy this comic, While my others Are on hiatus. Its a darker version of kirby comics, Much darker, Mwahahah. *Cough, cough, cough* *DIES*


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