Reverse Psychology!

October 14th, 2008, 11:25 am

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Camds's Comments:


Omg, Complicated Words! Hi guys, I know I havnt been really up to scratch with updating and how Many Times I should Update, Im just very lazy, but that is to be expected, from me, camds! (Lol) Well anyway, I Just might do another issue today, so Mabye prahaps you havnt seen the last of me today lol. In other news, I was up all night thinking of things to add to the plot, I thought the plot I had was a tad plain, But I figured out a really good thing to help make the plot even better, I wont reveal much but here is a clue; "MightKnight". OOOOO I bet your exited...Or mabye not, but either way, You will be when you see it in a few issues time, mabye more. Oh plus I added a new characters page where you can see the bios for all the characters, Well not all of them because I have not finished it yet, but most of the main characters. Im just happy this issue got out, now I realise I did kirby to light for the pannel in no. 6, and will go and edit it in a second. I Hope you can enjoy this issue, Im just glad now we can start with the intresting stuff. Enjoy!



Fan's Comments:


Oh ok thanks.
Awfull at spelling.


Come back and update. :(


Lol bghq is up now...

So update. :O

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