A Taste of Darkness!

October 11th, 2008, 9:57 am

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Camds's Comments:


Loud and Proud! Hi guys, Remember me lol, Im always complaining about me not doing very many issues and bieng very busy, and guess what...Today is no differant! I originally created half of this issue 3 days ago, But Unfortunatly alot of things have come up, for starters I have been introduced to a new MMO called Sword of the new world, Which is a Pirate based one, with fantasy in it, And so thats another thing to take up more of my time, For more info visit:
So that is an awsome game so it took up more of my time making it, secondly, I am a lazy son of a mushroom and can hardly be bothered to do anything, which is not good. And thirdly..Ehh, I have been busy playing the pub games for Fable II and Lego Batman, (Both games Pwn!) Onto a lighter note, (A much lighter note if you ask me) I have Made a few changed to the website, for starters its background has been changed to pink, (W00t!) And we have new buttons and a button at the bottom for posting comments, But one thing I find impossible to find, in the HTML coding is how to change the logo at the top to a bigger one, if anyone could tell me how to, ( ON THE BLINGMOBILE TEMPLATE) and tell me the right awnser I could put there KIRBY!!! character in my comic for a 1 or 2 issue Cameo, So there we go!
Now I really like this issue That I made, It has a certain awsome quility to it, the 3rd pannel I liked alot because it really does look like there hiding behind a bush outside the castle. Also the 1st 2 pannels, OMG, who is this secret nemesis, who? WHOO?, if any of you know by the shape of his body, keep quite, this is a spoiler free zone :D
So I hope you enjoy this issue, to make up for the lack of issues I may possibly do another issue, so there we go.



Fan's Comments:


lol, I had to add that in.

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