Ok mabye slavery is an option!

October 3rd, 2008, 3:52 pm

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Camds's Comments:


Woot for new poot! Ok, your options are, you have three reaons to kill me, just three, not two, not one, not seven, just three, first reason, Im as lazy as hell. Understandable, thats another reason this issue is quite late. The second reason, is because I got shot and died. Of course If I died, which I did, I wouldnt be able to make this issue. And three, I have decided to haitus this comic, Its true, Im gonna do it like all my other comics. Now I want you to shh, and listen, None of those reasons are true, I didnt get shot in the leg, Im not putting this comic on haitus, and Im certainly not laz- Wait, Ok mabye that one is true, I am very lazy indeed. The real reason for no update is that My computer had a horrible worm, (Virus) And We had to re-format the computer, luckely I copied all my comic stuff onto a disc, So I had it all when I started again with a fresh computer, I must admit it feels wierd having hardely anything on your computer, almost mutant like. Anyway, You herd my excuse so there. Onto news on this issue, I thought since I re-formatted I would change the text of the comic. Very snazzy, thankyou blambot for all your great fonts. So metaknight is back, after everyone is in terror and torture, bieng forced to dig in the mines etc. But metaknight has a Plan, and I know what your thinking, its not to sneek up on kirby like he does to everyone, (Kurtosy of Kirby: Right back at ya) So Overall I really hoped you enjoyed this issue, make sure to RATE!, fav, comment, and most of all, ENJOY!



Fan's Comments:


ahh, but thats the thing, is he?

Shadow Lugia,

This comic is looking pretty good. The only thing you need to work on is spelling.
I've counte like 6 typos including the one in this title.


And they never thought about this when DeDeDe was in charge because...?


ShadowLuigia: Understood, I was never to good at spelling, but I will fix the title :D

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