#3: Who, what, where?!

September 27th, 2008, 6:22 pm

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Camds's Comments:


What?! Two issues in a day, oh my god, it cant be true, Well...It is, Occasionaly when Im bored I might make more thann one issue, but you should be happy about that, it doesnt mean Im rushing them, because I infact spend a lot of time making them. Hey mabye one day I might make three issues O.O
and yes, this is todays issue, king dedede has officaly traded Dreamland for a very yummy scrummy lolly-pop, But I cant blame him, it does look very yummy indeed. Poor king dedede. No one understands how mentaly retarded he is. Lol. Anyway I hoped you enjoyed this issue. It is a double :D
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Fan's Comments:

K I R A,

From what I can tell, you can't really stick with one idea. =\

That's nice and all, and I use to do that myself, but sooner or later you're going to learn that you just don't abandon a comic when you get sick of it.

But, it's your choice, and I have no right to criticize it. Good luck.


Dark BlazerX,

Hm. I must give you your props. Awesome comic. Fav'd.

Psycho Man (Guest),

I love this comic! keep it up please!.


Awesome! This comic is delicious xD


See, this is why noone has ever listened to Dedede.


Thanks guys:
Oh and KIRA, what im trying to do is bring
out alot of issues of a particular comic and see how people take it. But just because I havnt updated a comic in a while doesnt mean Im finished with it.

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