#2: All is explained through his eyes!

September 27th, 2008, 1:49 pm

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Camds's Comments:


Hooray another issue! I did this issue last night while spending ages trying to find a new speech bubble style, and I am proud to say that these are our new ones, there alot better and indicate who is talking easier incase your finding it hard to find out who is talking. So basically this is the start, King dedede or "Triple D" as I like to call him has sold the entire dreamland to an unknown foe, Incase your wondering, in this comic dreamland is basically everywhere, I know in the games dreamland is that little section on the last boss, but on this one, dreamland is the whole like, country, city, watever. Thanks to king dedede's stupidity this is how it started, I wonder what he traded for the whole dreamland, probably something stupid knowing its Kind Dedede. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this issue, the new speech bubbles. I might have another one done tonight because I made this one yesterday, SO CROSS YOUR FINGERS!
Anyway enjoy, fav, comment, etc.



Fan's Comments:


Good comic.


Thanks :D

Shadow Lugia,

Looks promising Camds, I'll fave it. I just have a bit of questions though:

1: Are you goin gto be putting any of these on Cafe Comic? Like Super Monkey Bros, or P'Master, or this one?
2: Are you still making P'Master and E-Nerd? I'm a bit confused because of you saying on cafe comic that you were going to quit making E-Nerd and yet, you updated it today?


Yeah, only to show an advert on this comic :D


HA!You think i was going to say Fail?!
You're an awesome author!Faved this comic.


Thanks guys :D

Weaver Tyialo,

sucks that e-nerd is gone, but I'll watch this now.


Yeah, that comic was great, but this will
be much better!

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